Friday, July 20, 2007

My Introduction to Lace Knitting

I am fairly new to lace knitting. In fact my first successful lace project was a shrug that I made for my daughter to wear at her wedding reception. The pattern that was designed by my LYS owner was designed to be a stole but with a bit of seaming it became a shrug. The shrug consists of columns of lace made by combining decreases and yarn overs and columns of stitches knitted out of order to make cables. The lace and cable groupings alternated in easy to learn repeats. The columns of lace stitches, known historically as “faggotting,” are a two row repeat. The cable twists are six row repeats. The six stitch wide cables at the edges created scallops (when I seamed, it could only be seen on the inside). Once I seamed the piece, I added petite open points (from Nicky Epstein’s “Knitting on the Edge”) along the wrist of the shrug so that it wouldn’t be so plain. This project provided me with the perfect opportunity to learn to “read” the pattern.

The yarn is String of Pearls by Muench Yarns.

I’m currently working on my second lace piece. I decided to join a KAL on The July challenge was to knit a lace project. After a lot of searching and going back and forth, I decided to make the “Branching Out” scarf from I haven’t gotten far but it’s coming along. I don’t think that I’ll be done with it by the end of July.

The yarn is Misty Alpaca

I am further along with this project then what is in the picture.


Sharly said...

Hey! Welcome to Blogland! I got here from KH :) Your blog looks great, I will check it regularly. Your shrug turned out beautiful and so is the Bride :)

Angela said...

Your daughter is just gorgeous and that shrug looks so classy!

Megynn said...

I found you on KH, too. I haven't made very much lace either, and I want to try my hand at it. That shrug looks great!

Alex said...

The shrug is soooo beautiful!!!! Great work!

Nikki said...

oh, so sweet, a shrug for your daughter's wedding reception. congratulations to her and it looks so nice, esp. the edging.

nastassja mills said...

You should check out, if you haven't already, Stitch of the Day at (yes, the address is really that long...)

Anyway, they have some really nice lace stitches there.