Monday, March 5, 2012


What should you do when you want to take your knitting to the next level? Enroll in Knitting Boot Camp! Knitting Boot Camp (KBC) is a swatch-based workshop where knitters can gain hands-on experience to improve your knitting skills. Well, I couldn’t wait to join. One of the things that I like about the workshop is that it is not for beginners but for advanced beginners or intermediate knitters (I believe that I’m at the intermediate level). The workshop covers casting on and binding off, increases, decreases, seams, pockets, buttonholes, tension gauge, short rows, fitting garments, reading patterns, and more. The curriculum was written by Joan M. Sheridan.
Know I know how to do and have done all of the things that I listed above but just because I know how to do them doesn’t mean that I truly understand them. I can read and follow a pattern or chart but I want to understand why the pattern is written that way it is or how to change it if I want. I also want to start writing my own patterns.
The workshop’s goals are:
·         for participants to build their very own swatch library
·         for participants to become confident knitters
·         for participants to learn to read their knitting
·         for participants to to be able to make better decisions when reading patterns
For each lesson there is homework! Yes, homework. The homework that I had to do before lesson one were four basic swatches. We will be using these swatches in lesson one.



I know that I’m a blogger that is not consistent with my posting but I want to share my progress with those who want to read about them. I’ll see you next week.

Did I mention that I got this sweet knitting bag from my LYS? Score!! 


Brenda said...

Looks like an good Class!!! Can't wait to see all your posts..

Sherlda said...

Thanks Brenda.