Monday, March 10, 2008


Last month my sister and I were able to get out of town for a little rest and relaxation. We decided to go to Las Vegas. Now, taking any trip with my sister is anything but restful or relaxing but you will see a lot.

Now, being the knitter that I am I wanted to know if I could take my knitting with me on the plane? I checked the TSA web site to find out what was permitted on flights. To my delight knitting needles were allowed. I quickly printed out the information just in case someone tried to give me a hard time.

So, now we’re on the plane leaving Detroit Metro the flight loaded with the Vegas bound and my knitting. Not to long after take off, I’m knitting and talking to sis when the treat tray ramble down the isle and I find out that soda is free but not snacks. One 80g can of Pringles was $2, Yikes. Oh ya, did the seat on the plane get smaller or had my butt gotten bigger?
Once we land and go to our hotel (Luxor) sis and I get in a line to get our luggage held until we can check in. We’re greeted by a woman that I thought worked for the hotel but it was one of the many, many, many time share people that would terrorize that entire trip. We had a few hours before we could get into the room I figured why not. We went through 4 salespersons (saying no to each one) before we could get our freebies for just listening. We received two tickets to the “Knights of the Round Table” dinner show for $20 a piece (normally $58 a piece) discount for the “all you can eat” buffet at the Luxor and $75 in vouchers to gamble. Not bad for two hours of my time but I’ll never do it again.

The next day we walked to Planet Hollywood in Caesars Palace to pick up our “Power Passes” we bought from With these passes we were able to visit a varity of attractions for one price. Our two day passes were $97 a piece. I kept track of how much each attraction we went to would cost without the pass and we saved over $100 each and we didn’t even go to all of the attractions featured on the pass. Here are just a few of the attractions that we saw.

Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton
I had the most fun at this attraction. The two rides were very interactive. The museum was fantastic. A must see.

Madame Tussaud's Interactive Wax Attraction at the Venetian (Whoppi looked so real)

Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage
King Tut Museum at Luxor

Mini Hoover Dam Tour (Beautiful)

Liberace Museum (Lost my pictures but everything was so over whelming)

Now what good respecting knitter wouldn’t visit one of the LYS if they had a chance? I visited Wolly Wonders located on Tropicana Avenue. I chose that shop because it was a straight shot on the bus and they responded to my e-mail. I picked up some nice sock yarn (I’ve never made a sock) some Berroco Comfort, and some red KIM. I also picked up a pair of cute white birch needles.

Along with all of that we gambled a bit shopped a lot and had a great time. Viva Las Vegas.

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